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SAGA 2015:
2nd International Workshop on Vision and Eye Tracking in Natural Environments and Solutions & Algorithms for Gaze Analysis

Decision on cereals
Analysis of mobile eye-tracking data: A shelf-study on decision processes in a real supermarket.

When: September 29th-30th, 2015
Where: Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC), Bielefeld University, Germany

Important Deadlines

  • July, 10, 2015: Deadline for abstract submissions.
  • August, 7, 2015: Notification of acceptance for talks and posters.


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Real-time gaze analysis on virtual prototypes
Real-time gaze analysis on virtual prototypes

SAGA 2015 provides a forum to discuss challenges, techniques and applications of mobile eye-tracking technology. It is a follow up event of the successfull SAGA 2013 workshop, which brought together researchers from different fields such as sports, economics, information science, computer science and psychology to discuss requirements and new approaches to the analysis of mobile gaze data.

SAGA thus in particular addresses researchers from the fields of

  • linguistics
  • psychology
  • biology
  • sport science
  • economics and information science
  • computer science
    • human-human and human-computer interaction
    • context-aware computing
    • robotics
    • computer vision and image processing
  • industry
Automatic analysis of areas of interest in 3D environments using optical tracking.
Automatic analysis of areas of interest in 3D environments using optical tracking.

We want to stimulate the interaction of these different research communities with respect to implications, key research challenges, methodological standards, new techniques and applications in the area of mobile eye tracking. The long-term goal is to create a strong interdisciplinary research community linking these fields together and to establish the workshop as the premier forum for research on gaze analysis and the use of eye tracking in natural environments.

Workshop Aims

SAGA 2015 wants to…

  • provide an overview of the state of art
  • provide an exchange and presentation platform for researchers working on the automatic annotation and analysis of mobile gaze data
  • establish an exchange platform to coordinate future research
  • define research specifications and application requirements for the annotation and analysis of mobile gaze data, in particular for automatic solutions for annotation and analysis
  • define standard setups as benchmark (Videos/System)
  • bring together cutting edge research on visual perception in natural environments
  • unite keynote speakers from academia and industry

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