Program of SAGA 2013

Thursday, October 24th

09:30 – Foyer – Registration desk opens / Coffee
10:15 – Lecture Hall – Welcome
10:30 – Lecture Hall – Keynote by Ben Tatler: Vision in Action
12:00 – Lunch Break
13:00 – Lecture Hall – Session 01: Gaze Analysis in Basic Research
14:15 – Lecture Hall – Poster Fast Forward
14:25 – VR-Laboratory 0.113 – Poster Session and Demos / Coffee
15:15 – Lecture Hall – Keynote by Ellen Schack: Eye Tracking as an Assistive Technology in Professional Training Processes for Disabled People
16:15 – Foyer – Coffee Break
16:30 – Lecture Hall – Session 02: Methods for Gaze Analysis
17:20 – Lecture Hall – Commercial Solutions for Gaze Analysis
until 18:00

19:30 – Social Event (location to be announced)

Friday, October 25th

09:00 – Lecture Hall – Keynote by Marc PomplunGuidance of Visual Attention by Low- and High-Level Features in Real-World Scenes
10:30 – Foyer – Coffee Break
10:45 – Lecture Hall – Session 03: Methods for Mobile Gaze Analysis
12:00 – Foyer – Coffee Break
12:15 – Lecture Hall – Session 04: Applications of Mobile Gaze Analysis
12:40 – Lecture Hall – Demo Fast Forward
13:00 – Foyer / VR-Laboratory 0.113 – Demo Session and Buffet
14:30 – Lecture Hall – Discussion Session
15:30 – Foyer – Coffee
15:45 – Lecture Hall – Summary
16:30 – Lecture Hall – Official closing of the SAGA Workshop

20:00 – Optional social event for guests leaving on Saturday or later.


Session 01: Gaze Analysis in Basic Research

  • A Pilot Study on Eye-tracking in 3D Search Tasks
    Ekaterina Potapova, Valsamis Ntouskos, Astrid Weiss, Michael Zillich, Markus Vincze and Fiora Pirri
  • Mental representation and mental practice: The influence of imagery rehearsal on representation structure, gaze behavior and performance
    Cornelia Frank, Kai Essig, and Thomas Schack
  • Mobile Eyetracking for Decision Analysis at the Point-of-Sale
    Martin Meißner, Jella Pfeiffer, and Thies Pfeiffer

Session 02: Methods for Gaze Analysis

  • Experiences from eye tracking chat-communication using the INKA-SUITE
    Andrea Kienle, Christian Schlösser and Philipp Schlieker-Steens
  • Using spatial statistics to investigate within-trial correlations of human gaze positions
    Hans Trukenbrod, Simon Barthelmé, Felix Wichmann, and Ralf Engbert

Session 03: Methods for Mobile Gaze Analysis

  • Object recognition and person detection for mobile eye-tracking research. A case study with real-life customer journeys
    Stijn De Beugher, Geert Brône, and Toon Goedemé
  • Studying joint attention and hand-eye coordination in human-human interaction:
    A model-based approach to an automatic mapping of fixations to target objects

    Patrick Renner and Thies Pfeiffer
  • 3D Gaze Recovery in Large Environments Using Visual SLAM
    Lucas Paletta, Katrin Santner, Albert Hofmann, and Georg Thallinger

Session 04: Applications of Mobile Gaze Analysis

  • What you think is what you get – Toward mind and gaze controlled assistive systems
    Andrea Finke

Poster Presentations

  • Visual Context and Language Comprehension: The Resilience of the Recent – Event Preference
    Dato Abashidze, Pia Knoeferle, and Maria Nella Carminati
  • Location-based Online Identification of Objects in the Centre of Visual Attention using Eye Tracking
    Kai Harmening and Thies Pfeiffer
  • Searching for salient locations in topographic maps
    Vassilios Krassanakis, Alexandra Lelli, Ismini-Eleni Lokka, Vassiliki Filippakopoulou, and Byron Nakos
  • Embodied attention for gaze analysis in daily life activities
    William Welby Abbott, Andreas A. C. Thomik, and Aldo Ahmed Faisal

Presentation of Commercial Solutions

  • SMI Semantic Gaze Mapping – Dynamic video analysis taken to the next level by Ingmar Gutberlet (Sensomotoric Instruments, SMI)
  • EyeTracking paired with CAPTIV physiological wireless sensors by Stephane Folley (TEA)

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